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My Hell T. (Consider this your warning)

Good God, mother fucker. I went to get my rally off the centerstand- yes for it's first ride after restoration- and the mother fucking (bitchin high (sweet)) stand wouldn't just let me roll over. So I'm like, alright, and sit back on it. Taking me time all I want to do is walkit around before zooming out of the goddamn driveway. Right? I don't want to do any tricks yet. But NoooooooOoooOooo, the cunt jumps out of gear and hits the RD. WTF. I didn't even get it off the centerstand, let alone, for a ride, and I have a goddamn mother fucking dent in the goddamn frame.

Now I know I get a little depressed and stressed out around my birhtday and Thanksgiving generally sucks because of it, but I had a hardy cry for 45 minutes. My hell, T. Jesus.
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