okay for a conversation. (ereountouchable) wrote,
okay for a conversation.

I don't know why I'm inclined to tell you about this scam, it's not my story, but...

We were in Seattle, Halloween night. A bunch of us kids up from Portland to see the Sonics, right? We all met up at this bar across from the cheapest hotel downtown-80 bucks a night, to cure your curiosity. The women servers were dressed up in military uniforms and the men were dressed up as Iraqis. Carrie and Mark come strolling in, "Floyd" dressed all in pink showed up, and then there's Tom. This is the slick part that I'm really impressed with. Some bum harassed him about giving him cash for his parking ticket. Meaning the bum paid for this ticket with some poor old rich bitch's wallet and wanted to give Tom the ticket for the cash. Tom didn't take it. Turned out Carrie did. Nothing bad happened. Just thought that was a pretty good fucking idea.
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